“Adam Schiff MUST Testify First” VOWS Congressman Doug Collins.

Adam Schiff Must testify first at Senate as Congressman Doug Collins has vowed to make him do it at all cost.

Collins said on Sunday that If Adams Schiff chooses not to testify, then everything in his report are just made up propaganda to tarnish the image of president Trump.

Doug Collins Blasts Top Democrats
Doug Collins Set To Force Top Democrats To Testify

The impeachment reports are expected to be released on Friday day by The Intelligence Committee, If the committee votes Tuesday to approve the findings, the Judiciary Committee will begin hearings on the fourth of December to draft articles of impeachment.

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Collins is the ranking Republican on the Judiciary panel, and he is ready to Shred Democrats and their witnesses with ease.

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While speaking during an interview on Fox news, Rep. Collins complained vehemently that Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler gave Republicans on his committee an unrealistic timeline to digest the findings of the Intelligence Committee’s report, Time which is not even enough to brush your tooth.

The Republican also said Nadler gave them until Friday to present a list of witnesses to testify, which he said was too soon after the expected release of Adams Schiff’s fake and dubious findings.

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