Gowdy Makes Schiff’s Case Invalid With New Evidence

Trey Gowdy set to make Schiff’s Case Invalid With New Trump Key Evidence. “The transcript is the single best piece of evidence that the president has,” said Trey Gowdy, referring to the call between Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

“Who brought up Rudy Giuliani’s name? It wasn’t Donald Trump. It was Zelensky,” Gowdy added”.

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Trey Gowdy, A well recognized lawyer who has never lost a case before is set to release the transcript that could well end the impeachment trial.

This was the second call, not the first call,” Gowdy reminded the Fox News before making a very important point.

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If President Trump were really fighting tooth and nail on ensuring that Ukraine investigate the Bidens, would he not have brought that up in the first telephone call we had with Zelensky?” Gowdy asked.

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I mean why wait until the second?” Gowdy said to devastating effect.

I wonder “Who brought up Bill Barr and under what circumstances was Bill Barr’s name brought up?” he continued turning the screws and exposing Adam Schiff’s case for the sham that it is.

“I think the transcript is the single best piece of evidence that the president has, laying aside the reality that there was no announcement of an investigation, there was no investigation, and the aid was ultimately released, so I don’t think the Democrats have a great case for conviction,” Gowdy said.

“But also you would be pressured to find five members of this jury that have not already made up their mind,” he added.

I really wonder what Schiff stands to achieve in this futile Impeachment hoax cause it’s going to end in shame and Disgrace, Gowdy concluded.

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