Ilhan Omar’s “Resignation” Chants Intensifies After Katie Hill Quits For Ethics Violation

Calls for Ilhan Omar’s resignation & removal from congress intensifies after Katie Hill left office for similar ethical violations.

Katie Hill resigned in shame and disgrace but left some indirect messages behind for the media to ponder about. In her farewell address she took a dig at Trump and Brett Kavanaugh.

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“I am leaving but we have men who have been credibly accused of intentional acts of sexual violence and remain in boardrooms, on the supreme court, in this very body, and worst of all in the oval office” Hill said.

Katie Hill Resigns

But truth be told she has no one to blame but herself. She had inappropriate relationships with staffs and that was against House rules.

The leaked pictures of Hill did real damage, but that is not reportedly why Pelosi said she had to resign. It was the ethics violation related to that relationship with her staffer that brought her down not pictures. No one least of all Pelosi cares about some same-sex pictures or drug use.

Nancy Pelosi During The Swearing In Katie Hilk
Nancy Pelosi witnesses Katie Hill Swearing In To Office

No, it was her arrogance and in that she shares a similar trait with Ilhan Omar. Who rushed to defend Hill with a bit too much desperation.

Katie Hill and Ilhan Omar promoting the Outrageous clothing brand

After all, Omar is allegedly in an inappropriate relationship with a staffer as well and if Hill must go, so must Omar. Fair is fair.

Omar tweeted “Best of luck on your new journey @KatieHill4CA, we got you To all the women/girls out there, do not be deterred from pursuing your dreams…

Which of course is ridiculous. Katie Hill was not defamed or smeared, rather she suffered from the consequences of her own actions.

Hill was not forced to resign for any reason other than she had an inappropriate relationship with several of her staff members.

Omar completely got it wrong to suggest Pelosi forced Hill out, not Republicans. She knows it but won’t admit it.

Omar had a very well documented and inappropriate extra-marital relationship with one of her campaign advisers and should honorably resign too but that will never happen because she would be given Trump and others victory finally.

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