Nancy Pelosi Chased Out Of Press Conference By Angry Protesters.

Nancy Pelosi Chased Out Of Press By Angry Protesters.

Nancy Pelosi leaves press conference after being shouted down by angry protesters screaming “LOCK HER UP SHE COMMITTED TREASON”

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s recent failed Impeachment Plan against President Donald Trump have shaken up Washington, D.C., and led to a possible breakthrough on protecting young undocumented immigrants.

But Pelosi got a taste of the bitterpill any California Democrat faces in getting too close to Trump when a group of angry young protesters hijacked her San Francisco news conference on Tuesday morning to throw shades at her for such hideous attempt.

About 40 young protesters, including undocumented immigrants, surrounded her and unveiled protest banners as she prepared to discuss her work to pass the Dream Act in an event at College Track, an education nonprofit in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

Over 4ó Protesters Chants Chased Nancy Pelosi Out of her press conference
Protesters Chanting For The Resignation and Nationwide Apology to the Country

Shouting at the top of their lungs, the protesters harassed Pelosi calling for immediate step down and nationwide apology to the US government and its citizens.

Pelosi, who looked on uncomfortably from the middle of the protest, tried several times to talk with the demonstrators, telling them, “I totally agree with you”. But she barely got a few words in edgewise as they continued their Chants.

After about 30 minutes of ceaseless protest, Pelosi walked out the back door of the building, followed by Reps. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, and Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, who were also at the event.

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The reception Pelosi received shows the difficult tightrope she’s walking when it comes to Trump, said Bruce Cain, a Stanford political science professor: If she refuses to work with the president, she might not pass the Dream Act, which would protect young undocumented people brought to the U.S. illegally as children. But if she gets to apologize to Trump, she will face the wrath of liberal activists.

In several weeks, Pelosi and Adam Schiff had put the country on tension by formulating fake articles to impeach Trump, they had thought victory was close when they won at House Rep. But few days back, the Senate voted and acquitted President Trump and now their reputation and positions are at stake.

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2 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Chased Out Of Press Conference By Angry Protesters.”

  1. In the matter of arguments that accusing a crime of any name, we always need proof. This issue has been clearly written in the legal documents of all countries with a clear and transparent legal background.
    The United States Democratic Party is linked from two things that happened in the past. They then deduced into accusing Mr. Trump when ignoring a very important evidence to connect the two things together. Instead, the US Democratic Party has been trying to convince the US public opinion that Mr. Trump is guilty without this important evidence.
    The big problem is that if you do it, so can I.

    Let’s have a look at the way how the U.S Democrats accuse Mr. Trump

    They took two facts:

    1. Mr. Trump has postponed the amount of $ 391 million to aid Ukraine, which was previously approved by the US Congress.

    2. At the same time, Mr. Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.
    The US Democratic Party used their inference to bring the two events together.

    The argument of the US Democratic Party in this case is that Mr. Trump used the aid to Ukraine as a pressure to force the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.
    But we will see that the postponement of aid to Ukraine will have many other causes (more than one). When Trump gives another reasonable cause for the postponement of aid to Ukraine, the link between the postponement of aid and the investigation on Joe will be broken.
    This disruption will expose and denounce Democrats slandering the President. They deserve punishment from the law. Because no one is above the law.

    To prove their deduction is true, they need a tape to record Trump’s voice, saying something like “no investigation, no aid”. But the US Democratic Party was cowardly enough to ignore this important evidence.

    Now likely, I take four facts in the past:
    1. Trump intends to collect one trillion of US dollar Chinese Empire bonds
    2. Hong Kong protested for more than two months but Xi left them alone.
    3. The inquiry began on Nov12, 2019, and the Nov 17, 2019 Beijing authorities suppressed Hong Kong protesters.
    4. Demo does not say a word about Hong Kong issue while they spoke so aggressively about Kurd issue.

    I also follow the Demo’s road of four events to conclude that the Demo received money from China then impeach Trump.

    1. At the time Trump asked to investigate Joe, he was not a candidate for President yet. The accusation that Trump tried to eliminate his political opponent is fabricated. Trump had no idea who Demo would bring to the candidate.

    2. Demo hurrily ignored a lot of errors trying to hold impeachment. Demo does not care that their political career ends if the impeachment fails. Why?
    Impeachment will become a slander.

    Because it is related to point 1. Trillions of Qing dynasty.
    If Trump were to be deposed, Xi will not suffer this trillion dollars. Xi has deducted some billion dollars from this trillion to bribe Demo to impeach Trump. In accordance with the method of dropping small to catch big. Spend a few billion to avoid losing more than nine hundred billions remaining.
    As for Demo, one person gets $ 100 m, so they are ready / do not care about their political future anymore.
    Is it reasonable, guys?

    3. The coincidence of the time between holding the impeach inquiry and then the impeachment with the suppression of Hong Kong protesters, the Qing dynasty bonds, the trade war showed us the undeniable arrangement, also known as the smooth coordination between Demo and Chinese communists.
    You should realize that if the imposition is successful then:
    – China will not have to pay trillions of Qing Dynasty bonds.
    – The US-China trade war is over. Chinese goods continue to flood over the US market. China will get richer. The US economy will become more dependent on China until it collapses if China does not trade with the United States anymore.
    – China will have the opportunity to suppress Hong Kong like in the case of Tiananmen Square. At that time, there will not be a Mr. Trump dared to face China alone.
    You will realize that this impeachment is of great benefit to the Chinese Communist while this impeachment lurks in the name of the Constitution, laws and justice of the United States.
    Even when it is not successful, it is still in the current trial, it has tied Mr.’s hands Trump. It leads him with no time and enough focus to make the smartest, most beneficial decisions for America. And so, the damage created from this unreasonale impeachment will naturally be sufferd by the United States and the American.

    4. Demo talked about Kurdish because it’s not related to China. Demo doesn’t dare to mention Hong Kong because it is related to China. Those who receive money will not dare to talk about the wrongs of the money givers. The demo does not even condemn China for its actions of persecuting Hong Kong people. More proof of Demo receiving Chinese money!

    Anyhow, accusing Demo of receiving Chinese money is based on the way in which Demo used to accuse Trump of Ukraine.

    You will see Demo keeps the allegation with Trump but does not accept the allegation they received Chinese money even though it shares the same way and method of forming deductive arguments on the facts that actually happened.

    Because of them, Democrats was openly and officially sitting on the law. For them, those who always in the name of the US Constitution and the law, but Demo has always been and only assume they are right and all others are wrong. So even if the same method, only when Demo is used, it is right. It is the Constitution, law, it is Justice as they are claiming

    Like that we say:

    In this country no one is above the law exept for Democrats.
    And the American are the ones who let it be ! OK ?

  2. When Nancy the witch asked for more witnesses this time, remember the previous witch’s claims. That was “a mountain of evidence” or “overwhelming evidence”

    If it’s as many as the previous statements, why ask for more witnesses today?

    The answer to this problem can only be a “mountain of evidence” that was just a cheap trick to those who were light-hearted, both believed in the witch and her gang. The sorceress did not hesitate to sell her pride and honor in exchange for public opinion deception of US citizens who believed evidences accusing President Trump were a lot.

    Thereby, Nancy the witch tried to convince US citizens that the President was guilty, deserving of impeachment and deposition.

    Then, through the witch’s opposition to the US Senate’s LEGAL and constitutional vote on calling for more witnesses, all US citizens believed in the witch’s “evidence mountain” a while ago received a fiery slap in the middle of their faces that the President was guilty and deserved to be deposed.

    Gentlemen, those who support the witches’ allegations of deception, should gather the little justice left in them only to come and ask the witch: “if there was such a mountain of evidence? Why demands more witnesses? ”

    The Senate may consider calling for more witnesses if the witch previously admitted “overwhelming evidence” was fabricated.

    Unfortunately, the Senators also thought the witch was telling the truth about the “overwhelming evidence”, so they couldn’t help but hold the witch responsible for her words.

    The witch’s opposition to the results of the Senate vote to invite more witnesses, has accused the witch’s personality. It was a flurry, ready to turn away from her words. A person with no charisma, no personality like that, who holds a stand for impeachment of the President, where will the United States go?

    The witch was openly opposed to a legal and constitutional vote showing that she dared to challenge the law and violate the US Constitution cruelly. She acted as if no one could touch her.
    Today, the American citizen must teach her a lesson : “In this country, no one is above the law”

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