“She Is NOT A Patriot”, Conservative TV Host “Draws The Curtain” On Ilhan Omar

“She Is NOT A Patriot”, Conservative TV Host “Draws The Curtain” On Ilhan Omar

Perry Atkinson, a conservative TV and radio host, has huge doubts as to whether the Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is genuinely an American because she’s not just a regular Muslim but one who favors terrorism…therefore,she is a traitor.

“Islam teaches contempt to Jews and Christians,” said anti-Islam activist John Guandolo. “Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, have never misquoted Islamic doctrine in their conduct, and quite honestly, that’s what you get when someone is chosen to be a member of Congress. You’re getting a seditious traitor.”

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“Can the Omar Representative, being a Muslim in favor of Sharia law, ever really be an American?” Atkinson has questioned after sitting her controversial comments.

The “some people did something” comment from Omar that drew such widespread criticism was made at a March 23 fundraiser for the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations was a typical backup to Perry’s claim.

“Our system is opening doors to all sorts of people who come here with evil intentions, although those who are individuals of good will and who want to abide by our legislation and our legal system,” Guandolo said but “Ilhan Omar is not one of those guys. She is unable to perform her oath of office, and she should be removed from office.”

If anything, Omar did what all conservatives insist immigrants must do: She went through the proper channels to become a citizen and is now an elected member of Congress. She’s not a traitor; she’s the American Dream personified. That Atkinson even raises his question says more about his prejudice than hers.

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It’s also worth mentioning that Jesus and his mother, Mary, make a few appearances in the Qur’an. Jesus is even revered as a prophet. It’s a far cry from “teaching hatred of Christians and Jews,” no matter what religious radicals may do in the name of the religion.

Perhaps Atkinson and his ilk should stop looking to extremist groups like ISIS as the only representatives of the Islamic faith. It’s like judging all Christians by the teachings of the Westboro Baptist Church.

But the fact still remains Omar doesn’t belong here and should stay far away from congress, she might be a spy sent from ISIS to obtain valuable information to bury America.

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