Trump Wins Dems On Both Articles Of Impeachment

Trump Wins Dems On Both Articles Of Impeachment.

President Trump arrived along side Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi prior to delivering his State of the Union in Washington, February 4, 2020.

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During, Trump’s speech Nancy Pelosi was caught tearing the articles into shreds with most people suggesting she had conceded defeat.

Trump Speech after getting acquitted by House senate.
Trump Closing Speech After Winning Dems in State Of The Union

Trump broke Pelosi Or maybe she just broke herself.

Trying to disband a president whose approval ratings have been stuck well below 50 percent for virtually his entire presidency, in an atmosphere of economic effervescence, she could have had a better plan.

Democrats would be smart to signal voters that they won’t bring about major policy shifts but will restore decorous behavior.

George W. Bush inspired Charles Krauthammer to coin the term “Bush Derangement Syndrome”. President Obama likened his opposition to a “fever”. But no president has ever done what President Trump is doing to his ideological adversaries, which is to cause them to lunge uncontrollably around the political stage like so many kittens chasing the dot made by a laser pointer.

Remember when backbencher Joe Wilson shouting, “You lie!” during the 2009 Obama State of the Union speech was the most shocking breach of decorum anyone could recall? How does that compare with the Speaker of the House turning human paper shredder right behind the president’s shoulder? Trump broke Pelosi. Or maybe she just broke herself.

Reports from all over the news outlet has just declared Trump winner of the two Impeachment articles thrown at him after the Senate Republicans votes surpassed the Pelosi controlled democrats.

One republican however, Mitt Romney voted in favor of the impeachment. Nancy Pelosi was left in tears after the results were announced. Here is how the Senate voted;

Final Voting of senate
Final Voting By Senate On Article 1

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